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2024 Fund
to Protect
Our Waters

May 2024


Dear Friends,


The approach of another summer on the beautiful shores of Blue Mountain, Eagle and Utowana Lakes reminds us of the importance of remaining steadfast in our commitment to protecting our scenic waters. For decades, with support from friends and neighbors alike, Water Watch, and now the Blue Mountain Lake Association (BMLA) has dedicated itself to preserving the long-term water quality of our lakes. The  economic well-being of our community depends upon this effort, as does our enjoyment of the lakes for swimming, paddling, boating, fishing and more. The good news: our efforts are succeeding!


We can take pride in how our community rallied after variable leaf milfoil (VLM), a highly aggressive aquatic invasive species (AIS), was discovered in Utowana Lake in 2020. This sobering reality galvanized our community to raise the funds needed to contain the spread of VLM and to begin working toward its eradication. Our quick response resulted in reducing the amount of VLM hand-harvested from the bottom of the lake from 400 gallons in 2021 to less than 40 gallons in 2023. Thankfully, no VLM has been discovered in Blue Mountain Lake or Eagle Lake to date. In January, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation awarded the BMLA a $60,000 grant to help support this vital work over the next three years - a testament to our initial success and persistence. Our project was one of just four that were funded in the Adirondack Park. This was a huge accomplishment for the BMLA.


Blue Mountain Lake has been called “The Little Town that Could” describing how our community successfully unites to tackle issues and support one another. In this spirit, the BMLA is launching a new campaign: 

The 2024 Fund to Protect Our Waters. Our goal is to raise $150,000 to support ongoing efforts to: 1) preserve water quality; 2) prevent other AIS from entering our lakes; and, 3) continue work to eradicate VLM from Utowana Lake while providing ongoing AIS surveys after our NY State grant expires in 2026. These funds will provide the BMLA with the resources needed to manage ongoing programs that are not covered by the grant, to immediately respond to any new aquatic threats, and to provide financial stability going forward.


Please consider giving generously. With your support, we will continue to protect our scenic waters for generations to come.


With gratitude and thanks,


Nancy Forhan

Co-President, BMLA

Cathleen Collins

Co-President, BMLA

Michele Curry

Chair, BMLA Water Watch Committee


Please Scan the QR Code with your Phone (or click on the image) to donate today!

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 9.32.51 PM.png

Help us Keep Aquatic Invasive Plants and Species OUT of our Lakes by following these simple rules BEFORE launching a boat in Blue Mountain, Eagle or Utowana Lakes:


After boating, before you leave the launch:

Remove all visible plants, animals, fish, and mud from your boat, trailer, or other equipment and dispose of in a suitable trash container or on dry land. Don’t transport any potential hitchhiker, even back to your home. Remove and leave them at the site you visited.


After boating, before you leave the launch:

Drain water from bilge, live wells, ballast tanks, and any other locations with water before leaving the launch. Invasive viruses, zooplankton, and juvenile zebra mussels and Asian clams can be transported in even just a drop of water!


Before you launch to go boating:

Dry your boat, trailer, and all equipment completely. Drying times vary depending on the weather and the type of material. At least five days drying time is recommended.

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